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Samuel Dong

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Samuel has been in fashion business since 1996 with head office located in New York City’s garment district. He launched the first boutique collection in 2000 with DONS COLLECTION, the signature collection SAMUEL DONG was introduced in 2001. Samuel has corporate showroom in New York City and Montreal to support more than 1000 boutique stores that currently selling SAMUEL DONG apparel in the United States and Canada. For international, Samuel sells his collection to stores in Europe, Central and South America, Japan, the Middle East and Australia. SAMUEL DONG focusing on ladies’ apparel, the line is best known for the signature look of blouses and dress coat, Inspirations drawn from floral and all things from French and Italian, the clothing in SAMUEL DONG collections are designed for a woman who understands quality and beauty go hand in hand. Using fabric and trimming of the highest caliber, and employing skilled tailors, Samuel stands behind them, ensure quality. Beautiful and innovative fabrics are found from all corners of the world including Italy, France, Turkey, India, China, Taiwan and South Korea, SAMUEL DONG collection created designs that fit women’s day to evening, providing ease care, a great fit and classic look. Elegant, contemporary, and sophisticated are SAMUEL DONG’s goal.


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