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B & K Moda

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B&K Moda is a contemporary, brand, specializing in high quality, specialty knits, designed and manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey. Our forte is in the knitting machines. We have developed a specialty knitting process which makes our knits less likely to snag. Our yarns are ecologically friendly, and our knits are made from many kinds of yarns, with unique design and styling with many different colors Our production lines include: open weave knits, cotton mineral washes, linen and cotton shirts, and perfect fit pant/denim. Our specialty LASE yarn engineered with high durability and softness. Our items are unique and one size fits all. We offer 30 colors & 30 day production. For the last 25 years, our brand has been serving the European, Asian, & Middle Eastern markets. Our product lines are high quality, distinct, elegant and very well priced. We ship all over the world and we have a 40 day turn around in production, if we do not have stock of yarn and 30-day turnaround for in stock material, as our factories are working 24/7.

Contemporary and classic designs with special fine yarns, create a high quality, flattering and timeless fashionable knitwear for the modern woman.

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